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Pediatric Chiropractic at
Health From Within Family Chiropractic

Dr. Brian adjusting boyIn a perfect world, no child would ever suffer. We believe that you can give your kids an incredible advantage by starting chiropractic care early in life. At Health From Within Family Chiropractic, we can take care of your children through every stage of their growth and development.

Our “Welcome to the World” Adjustments

Dr. Nick can go to the hospital or your home to adjust your baby within hours or days of their birth. In starting early, your baby won’t experience sickness or disease. If they do, it will be more limited and short-term. You can avoid all those sleep issues, fussiness and more, knowing your baby will be happy and healthy.

Active Children and Teens

When your child is older, they trip, fall, play sports and experience other forms of trauma. Chiropractic may give their body a greater ability to adapt. When their hormones start to change, we can restore that balance. Scoliosis is another common concern that we can address, along with behavioral or learning difficulties.

icpa-pediatricEasing Into Your Child’s Appointments

We take it slow and easy when your kids first come in. There is no treatment on the first visit; that appointment is just to get to know them, so there is nothing to be nervous about. When it’s time for their adjustments, smaller kids can lie on Mom or Dad to have it done. We’ll show them our toy Activator® and let them adjust a stuffed bear.

When a baby comes in for their initial visit, or any other subsequent visits, they will be adjusted with only fingertip pressure. Older kids can have the Activator instrument used in their adjustments.


Can I bring my other kids in with me?

Yes! Our team is trained to watch your children while another one is back with a doctor, or while you receive your adjustments. Our chiropractors are both fathers and will treat your baby or child as if it were their own.

Why should my child continue seeing a chiropractor?

We are not a symptom-based office. If you bring your kids in for a symptom, of course we’ll help to relieve it. But we want to get them adjusted so that their spine stays healthy and they stay well for life. Periodic adjustments can ensure that your child reaches your full potential.

What is the first visit process like for a child?

We’ll perform an examination and some forms of testing just like we would for an adult. Then, we’ll talk to you about our findings and what we recommend. After their first adjustment, the child may be tired or could have more energy than usual. Keep in mind that any change is positive.

How is care in your office different than in others?

We are one of few corrective care offices in the country. You can think of what we do like wearing braces on teeth to correct their alignment, only chiropractic deals with your spine instead of your teeth. Maintenance visits are like a retainer that you wear to protect the progress you’ve made.

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